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Общество с ограниченной ответственностью «РОЯЛ КЕЙК»

ERAPOLY Incorporated in 1997 and commence operation during the financial crisis, ERAPOLY has since built a healthy based and strong bonding with both suppliers, suppliers and customers.

With the mission of “FAST & FOCUS”. It had been our philosophy for taking every enquiry and development with full dedication and courage, proactive to market changes, and spend substantial resources for “Marketing R&D” to stay forefront. ERAPOLY concentrate what it knows best to optimize return to its shareholder and customers.

Today our business has 3 clusters: Plastics & Chemicals, Vegetable Oil & Fats and FMCG. Export contributes more than 80% of group activities with good selling to more than 32 countries.

Looking forward, we are committed to strengthen our team, improve our services, create value and growth in all 3 clusters, to build a strong partnership with our suppliers, agents, customers to deliver greater value to everyone.